• 1、Historically,royal marriages have been cold, calculating affairs.(從歷史上來看,王室婚姻一直都是冷酷、精心策劃的結合。)
  • 2、History will remember it to the honour of yourroyal house.(這件事將會名垂青史,也永遠是您皇家的光榮。)
  • 3、News is flying about concerning aroyal wedding.(有關皇室婚禮的消息到處傳開。)
  • 4、Soon, members of theroyal family and other wealthy people took up motoring as a sport.(很快,皇室成員和其他富人開始把開車當作一項運動。)
  • 5、In the 19th century, inbreeding nearly led to the extinction of theroyal family.(19世紀,近親婚配幾乎導致了皇室宗族的滅絕。)
  • 6、She slept in it as well as a prince on hisroyal couch.(她在里面睡的很香,就像王子睡在皇家沙發上一樣。)
  • 7、She reports onroyal stories for the BBC.(她為英國廣播公司做有關王室活動的報道。)
  • 8、Velzquez's work from that time forward was confined largely to portraits of theroyal family.(從那以后,委拉斯開茲的作品就很大程度上僅限于王室的肖像畫了。)
  • 9、You can order a melon duo, tofu salad and grilledroyal trumpet mushrooms with polenta.(你可以要一份瓜盅,豆腐沙拉和皇家烤喇叭菇配玉米粥。)
  • 10、My brother studied at theroyal College of Art.(我哥哥曾就學于皇家美術學院。)
  • 11、The prize is to perform for the Queen in theroyal Variety of Performance.(獎品是在皇家表演中為女王表演。)
  • 12、The Circus is about 200 meters to the east of theroyal Crescent.(馬戲團在皇家新月廣場以東約200米處。)
  • 13、royal gossip is a staple of the tabloid press.(圍繞王室成員的飛短流長是小報的主要內容。)
  • 14、Instead, the task fell to members of theroyal Academy of Painting and Sculpture.(相反,這項任務落到了皇家繪畫和雕塑學院的成員身上。)
  • 15、Sophie became public property when she married into theroyal family.(索菲嫁入王室后,即成為公眾人物。)
  • 16、There is a good comedy on at the Theatreroyal next Saturday.(下星期六皇家劇院上演一部好喜劇。)
  • 17、He's a dancer with theroyal Ballet.(他是皇家芭蕾舞團的舞蹈演員。)
  • 18、They say that if we didn't have aroyal family, we would just have a president.(他們說,如果我們沒有皇室家族,我們就會有總統。)
  • 19、These are indeedroyal robes!(這是真正的皇家長袍!)
  • 20、Theroyal College received its charter as a university in 1967.(皇家學院于1967年獲得升格為大學的特許狀。)
  • 21、It was the only place where theroyal family could really relax and lead an untrammelled domestic life.(這里是唯一一個皇室家族可以真正放松地過自由自在家庭生活的地方。)
  • 22、The townsfolk can't understand why theroyal Shakespeare Company needs a subsidy.(市民們不明白為什么皇家莎士比亞劇團需要補貼。)
  • 23、Banks spent his national service in theroyal Navy.(班克斯在皇家海軍服過兵役。)
  • 24、They built what we now identify as theroyal palace, the palace of the king.(他們建造了我們現在所說的皇家殿堂,國王所居之處。) [hao86.com好工具]
  • 25、Her career began as prima donna with theroyal Carl Rosa Opera Company.(她的事業從在皇家卡爾羅莎歌劇團擔任首席女歌手開始。)
  • 26、We were given aroyal welcome.(我們受到了盛大的歡迎。)
  • 27、Established in 1670, the over 70-acreroyal Botanic Garden is a center of gardening excellence.(建于1670年,占地70多英畝的皇家植物園是一個令人稱贊的園藝中心。)
  • 28、A media circus surrounded theroyal couple wherever they went.(無論王室夫婦走到何處,他們的身后都會跟著一大群媒體記者。)
  • 29、Now this formerroyal palace is open to the public as a major tourist attraction.(現在,這座曾經的皇家宮殿作為一個主要的旅游景點向公眾開放。)



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副詞: royally